The Coffee Roasting Process

Using a state of the art Vittoria roaster, we are able to have an environmentally friendly roasting process with extremely consistent results. The process is both energy efficient, with an integrated heat recirculation system in use in the roaster, and produces 0% emissions thanks to a smoke recovery afterburner that causes 100% clean air to be exhausted from the roaster.

The use of a programmed colour meter allows us to achieve extremely consistent roasting colour across every bean. This level of accuracy and consistency cannot be achieved by the naked eye. After roasting, there is a brief de-gassing period, after which our beans are packed fresh and gas flushed to ensure at least an 18 month shelf life.

Serving the East Kent area, with our own engineers and delivery drivers, as well as the close relationships we develop with all our customers, we are offering a total coffee service, from machine, installation and training, to a range of superb products unique to us.

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