Espresso Machine Servicing and Repairs

Our coffee customers enjoy a full range of services for traditional espresso machines and grinders, for all makes commonly found in the UK.

Our engineers carry a comprehensive stock of genuine spares and are able to fix 95% of breakdowns on site, thereby reducing your downtime.

Breakdown Repairs

Quick identification and replacement of failed parts in the event of a breakdown. Our large stock of parts carried ensures a rapid repair to your machine, thereby minimising your downtime and loss of trade.

Periodic Maintenance

Routine servicing for all popular makes of espresso machine ensuring optimum performance from your machine and a lower likelihood of breakdown and associated inconvenience.

  • Group heads manually cleaned, with seals and shower plates replaced
  • Steam and water valves stripped and rebuilt using new seals
  • Level probes cleaned and levels reset
  • Safety valve and anti vac valve tested and replaced as necessary
  • Element resistance tested
  • Boiler and pump pressures tested
  • Visual inspection of internals

Installation and Commissioning

After our assistance in the selection and sourcing of your machine, whether new or second user, we provide a free installation service at your chosen location, ensuring that your new machine is a perfect fit both for your business environment and capacity.

  • Electrical connection
  • Water treatment devices, i.e. water filter
  • Waste connection
  • Setup and calibration of coffee volumes
  • Coffee machine cleaning and maintenance training

Full Workshop Machine Rebuilds

In the event of your machine no longer performing at its optimum, we offer a complete refurbishment of your machine in our workshops. In doing so, your machine will perform as if it has just left the factory, ensuring that future downtime is greatly minimised. A peace of mind parts and labour guarantee of six months is included on all full rebuilds.

  • Full boiler descale
  • All pipework descaled
  • Groups descaled and de-tanned
  • Frame and panels steam-cleaned
  • Gaskets and seals replaced throughout
  • Major components replaced as necessary
  • Machine fully cleaned
  • Fully pressure tested and run three times
  • Loan machine provided whilst work is undertaken

Boiler Safety Certification

Required by HSE and now a legal requirement insisted upon by many insurance providers. We offer a full service of both engineers to prepare and a qualified assessor to test for compliance with current regulations. On successful completion of the test, you will receive a test certificate and a written scheme of examination that satisfies current law. Our tests ensure that your machine is compliant with Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 (Minor Systems) Category One Steam Boilers For Electrically Heated Cafe Boilers.

Serving the East Kent area, with our own engineers and delivery drivers, as well as the close relationships we develop with all our customers, we are offering a total coffee service, from machine, installation and training, to a range of superb products unique to us.

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