Whole Roasted Coffee Beans

Our coffees are selected by our master blender for their consistency, value and in-cup performance. Each coffee in our range has its own unique characteristics, to ensure we have a bean suitable for every business.

Our roasting process is energy efficient and produces 0% emissions. During roasting, our beans are programatically checked to ensure an extremely consistent roast colour, and are then packed fresh and gas flushed to ensure at least an 18 month shelf life.

Super Crema Coffee Beans

Super Crema

A full bodied, medium dark, classic Italian espresso style coffee with a rich and dense crema, smooth finish and a long palate. Outstanding value for its price point. Great on its own as an espresso and shows incredibly well in milk based coffees.


South & Central Americans and Vietnamese Blue Dragon robusta

    Gran Crema Coffee Beans

    Gran Crema

    The same blend as Super Crema, roasted in the dark espresso style traditionally found in Southern Italy. Gran Crema delivers a strong and intense espresso, fantastic crema and a high strength level in milk based coffees.


    South & Central Americans and Vietnamese Blue Dragon robusta

      Supremo Coffee Beans


      A classic Italian espresso roast with a smooth, sweet, soft acidity and a long palate. Notes of roasted nuts and a hint of vanilla provide a rounded flavour which produces great espresso and milk based coffees. An outstanding value blend that is consistently our best seller.


      Brazilian Santos, Central Americans and Rwandan robusta

        Special Espresso Coffee Beans

        Special Espresso

        A Northern Italian café suisse with a soft caramel sweetness and a soft, sweet, gentle acidity. High quality arabicas give this blend a clean quality and a full, well rounded finish consisting of chocolate and cocoa flavours with a hint of nuttiness.


        Central and Southern American coffees

          Italia Creme Dark Coffee Beans

          Italia Creme

          A classic Italian dark espresso with dark plum flavours, an excellent crema, and a soft, treacle like caramel finish. A long flavoured coffee with a lingering palate that provides excellent strength for milk based coffees and delivers a superb espresso.


          Brazilians, Central Americans and Rwandan robusta


            Single Origin Coffee

            Coffees from five countries, each from a single grower, make up our range of single origin coffees. Each carries a specific flavour and profile unique to its area and conditions of growth. We constantly search for the finest available, and as such, our origins are fluid and always changing.

            New Guinea Espresso Blend Coffee Beans

            New Guinea Espresso

            Chocolate, tropical fruits and a citrus flavour make for a smooth bodied, slightly earthy toned coffee with a deep winey flavour. The coffee of choice for many of our award winning customers.


            Chivu, Western Highlands, Papua

              Serra Negra Brazilian Coffee Beans

              Serra Negra

              A 100% Arabica pulp natural from the Serra Negra region. This superb coffee gives bold cocoa and nut flavours with an intense front sweetness, a sweet round acidity and full mouth texture. Arguably the finest coffee to come out of Brazil.


              Serra Negra Brazilian

                Ethiopian Coffee Beans


                A 100% Arabica Ethiopian mokka from the Sidamo region, with a strong chocolatey flavour, a long palate, syrup like thickness and intense deep crema. This coffee provides a high acidity with an excellent body and mouth feel.


                Ethiopian Sidamo

                  Machu Picchu Peruvian Coffee Beans

                  Machu Picchu

                  The finest selected Peruvian Arabica beans, creating an intense cocoa and dark chocolate flavour with an almond finish and honey undertones. Intense and clear fruitiness make for a remarkable coffee, unique for the smooth and sweet citrus acidity belonging to Peruvian arabicas.


                  Cuzco/Sacred Valley, Peru

                    Jemala Coffee Beans


                    Available as Jemala Medium or Jemala Dark

                    90 years of expertise is behind this fine 100% Arabica blend of coffee creating an explosion of different flavours. Gentle rounded acidity livens the palate with a hint of almond nuttiness and an emerging subtle sweet chocolate. A final rich silky texture in the mouth finishes the coffee.


                    Honduras F, and the rest is a secret

                      ·  Medium
                      ·  Dark

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